1. 01/08/2018

    Best wishes for 2018

  2. 11/10/2017

    HS 2

    Two lots of HS2 project (N1 & N2) have been awarded to Balfour Beatty Vinci with Mott Mac Donald, Systra, Lavigne Cheron architects and Weston Williamson and partners

  3. 10/09/2017

    aerial metro line b in Rennes, France

  4. 10/04/2017

    Morlaix station inauguration

    Thanks to Morlaix community for this beautifull inauguration Hervé Ronné photograph

  5. 08/30/2017

    New Danube Bridge - Budapest

    The team Lavigne Chéron / Greisch / Kozlekedes / Geovil is selected for the international New Danube Bridge Competition in Budapest

  6. 07/10/2017

    Olympic Games bridge - Paris 2024 - Lavigne Cheron winner

    Lavigne Cheron has won the Paris 2024 Olympic Games bridge Team : Lavigne Cheron / Artelia / Philippon-Kalt Client : Departement Seine Saint Denis

  7. 03/23/2017

    Saint Brieuc station footbridge

    Saint-Brieuc station footbridge works

  8. 02/28/2017

    Inauguration of the SEA High Speed Line by the French President

    Inauguration of the SEA high speed line by the french president today. LAVIGNE CHERON made the architectural design of the 450 bridges.

  9. 01/20/2017

    Morlaix station footbridge

    The Morlaix station footbridge is almost finished. Photo : Nicolas Quere - NGE GC

  10. 01/11/2017

    Wouri bridge - Douala - Cameroon

    Wouri bridge works in Douala - Cameroon

  11. 01/04/2017

    Best wishes for 2017

    Best wishes for 2017 from all the team

  12. 11/29/2016

  13. 11/29/2016

    New Reunion island costal raod, an epic project !!

  14. 09/22/2016

    Morlaix footbridge : the bird

    The Morlaix tren station footbridge will be finish soon. The fantastic footbridge is like a bird.

  15. 09/15/2016

    Reunion island coastal road. First pier in the indian Ocean

  16. 08/29/2016

    Lavigne Cheron Architects win the competition for a new viaduct near Strasbourg, France

  17. 06/22/2016

    Reunion island coastal road and bridge

  18. 06/10/2016

    New book : the 500 most beautifull bridge in France

    New book : the 500 most beautifull bridge in France by Serge Montens - Bonneton

  19. 06/02/2016

    Breaking ground ceremony - Eiffel Bridge

    Eiffel bridge Breaking ground ceremony with descendants of Gustave Eiffel

  20. 05/11/2016

    Morlaix station public spaces

    Beginning of the Morlaix station public spaces works designed by LAVIGNE CHERON

  21. 04/19/2016

    Morlaix Tren Station Footbridge

    Morlaix Station footbridge works

  22. 04/13/2016

    Aerial metro network Rennes

  23. 03/22/2016

    Expo Virlogeux ENSA Paris Val de Seine

    Exposition Michel Virlogeux, Structure and bridges Architecture : march, april avril 2016 - ENSA Val de Seine

  24. 03/17/2016

    Morlaix station footbridge

    Impressive works on the Morlaix’s station for the new footbridge LAVIGNE CHERON Architects - Ingérop - JDM NGE - ZM Client : Morlaix Communauté

  25. 03/10/2016

    LAVIGNE CHERON to design the new Mayenne bridge

    LAVIGNE CHERON with SCE to design the Mayenne arch bridge in Chateau-gontier

  26. 02/24/2016

    Reunion Island coastal Road

    The new coastal road in Reunion Island. The works in progress

  27. 02/24/2016

    Reunion Island coastal Road

    The new coastal road in Reunion Island. The works in progress

  28. 02/19/2016

    Nieppe Armentieres bridge works

    Nieppe and Armentieres bridge in works from the sky. Architect : LAVIGNE CHERON Engineers : INGEROP Entreprise : Demathieu et Bard (DB)

  29. 02/01/2016

    New Angers bridge - Courrier de l'ouest

  30. 01/19/2016

    The new bridge on the Maine river in Angers

    LAVIGNE CHERON has won the new bridge over the Maine River in Angers closed to the famous Angers castle. Client : Angers Loire Métropole

  31. 11/27/2015

    Reunion island new coastal road

    The new coastal road in Reunion Island. The works in progress

  32. 11/27/2015

    Reunion islance new coastal road

    The new coastal road in Reunion Island. The works in progress

  33. 10/20/2015

    LGV SEA Footbridge

    the metallic LGV SEA footbridge are almost finished

  34. 08/28/2015

    Cluses Station - Le Moniteur

    an new article in “Le moniteur” : Cluses Tren Station

  35. 06/26/2015

    Nieppe Armentieres bow string bridge

    Laying down of the bridge deck - Nieppe Armentières CG du Nord / Ingérop / Demathieu & Bard - Berthold Photo : Bocquet

  36. 06/23/2015

    NRL road ( Reunion Island)

    first works of the Grande Chaloupe viaduct

  37. 05/27/2015

    competition win in Paris

    Competition win for 2 new bridges and an urban boulevard in Vitry-sur-Seine / Alfortville near Paris

mentions légales /// conception et réalisation B. Launay